All the Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Ask About a Book Series You’ve Not Yet Read

In case I haven’t talked about it enough, The Grasp of Time, launched on November 18th, and is available in print, Kindle, and Nook formats. Better yet? Robin and I now have a site intended to entice new readers, and satisfy current ones, regarding the Amakai series, of which TGoT is the first book.


To put it more simply:

Check out our new Amakai site: ( will also redirect there).

It currently has fresh content, including a few glossaries, some random trivia, art, and neat links to our amazing team who made the first book’s launch possible.

While I’ll continue to make announcements here about progress on the series (along with my other work), the majority of the information specific to the series, including soundtracks, book trailers, artwork, and so forth, will be found there. And unlike Satyr’s Garden, the Amakai Series web site is one both Robin and I will continue to update together.


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