Content Warnings

This page is meant to help readers discern whether my novels will cause undue distress, trigger flashbacks, or cause discomfort related to topics therein. This page contains minor spoilers.


Content includes: attempted assault, blood, child abduction, mention of child abuse/neglect, disembowelment, dismemberment, evisceration, mention of genitals, graphic violence, gore, hunting*, mention of ICE, murder, torture, transphobia.**

*Wild animals hunted for sustenance.

**It may seem odd that a genderfluid (trans) person would write an MC who displays transphobic views, but they are brief, subtle, and the character grows through the story.


The Grasp of Time

Content includes: abductionaddiction, death, explosions, fridged* female character, grief, loss of a loved one, nightmares, injury, implied sex, implied surveillanceviolence.

*Technically the character is effectively “on ice” or “in cryo,” but for this particular book, appears fridged.


Seal Breaker

Content includes: implied bdsm/kinkbreaking and entering, child abduction, grief, indentured servitude, loss of a loved one, misgendering, panic attack, PTSD, sex, sexual harassment, theft, violence.


Chains of Merzai

Content includes: abduction, attempted rape, bdsm/kink, questionable consent, sex, violence.


The Corvid and the Calico

Content includes: abduction, death, undead