to the Satyr’s Garden, the Official Site of Raven J. Demers, Wordsmith.

Welcome to the worlds of a writer who weaves myth into reality, and hears songs amidst the silence.  Where poetry and prose dance often on green swards together.

And sometimes the writer can’t believe she wrote such nonsense about herself and breaks into peals of laughter, and goes on writing, with a sharp edge.

Raven began drawing at three and writing at five. She’s continued to do so all her life. Voices of characters urge her to write their stories, often keeping her up at night.

With two poetry collections and several individual poems published, she is turning her sights to more elaborate works: speculative and science fiction, graphic novels, and picture books.

Current projects include: her debut novel, Perdition, featuring a 76 year old woman turned vampire, a third book of poetry, a children’s book for which she is the author, a children’s book for which she is the illustrator and editor, a fantasy spoof web comic, and a collaborative long-term project on a series of speculative fiction novels.

She is currently a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association (PNWA), and owner of a very fine, black mug, proclaiming her an Author.  Capital “A.”