A Brighter New Year’s

Hello friends. I wanted to write a short story for my patrons for the holidays, but nothing was forthcoming when I sat to write. The moment I thought of writing a short story for New Year’s Eve, though? The story, “Go West,” came pouring forth and I posted it tonight (available for all patrons starting at $1/month) before the clock strikes midnight and we try to start anew.

It’s been a rough couple of years for many of us. Most of us. All of us?

Whether the good times or the bad, we’re in it together. Thank you for supporting my work, even in these trying times. I appreciate each one of you. I wish each of you–all of us–a brighter new year with hope on the horizon and something utterly, deliciously unexpected.

Bonus Scene for Patrons

I completed two more scenes for the adult (18+, totally NSFW) companion book to Chains of Merzai; seven more scenes planned and all patrons get to offer up suggestions.

Winner gets a bonus scene written and added to the collection, whether canon or not. Only consensual encounters between adults allowed. Accepting requests until July 15th.

Tiers start at $1/mo.

Become a patron today!