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Title: The Corvid and the Calico
Author: Raven J. Demers
Publication Date: May 15th, 2022
Publisher: Satyr’s Garden
ISBN / ASIN: hardcover 978-1685670009 | paperback 978-1685670016 | ebook 978-1-68567-002-3
Retail Price: $13.99 | $11.99 | $1.99
Available in: hardcover | paperback | ebook
Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Two familiars discover their witch has been stolen from his bed. Nutmeg, a cantankerous cat, and Bristle, an excitable young raven, must learn to work together to travel far from home, thwart a mysterious enemy, and reunite their family.

A heart-warming tale of found family with illustrations. Recommended for grades 3 – 5 or ages 7 – 11.

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Raven J. Demers writes sci-fi, fantasy, mythpunk, horror, and poetry. Xe is author of Seal Breaker, The Grasp of Time, and Perdition. Xe earned a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Washington and is a member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association. Xyr next book, Chains of Merzai, will be the third book in the Amakai series, launching in March 2021. Raven lives in a forest near Seattle, WA with xyr multi-species family and believes the answer to xyr farming obsession might be ducks.

comprehensive bio; 300 words

Raven J. Demers lives in a forest near Seattle with xyr family. Raven writes speculative fiction and poetry and is author of The Corvid and the Calico, Perdition, and co-author of the Amakai series. When not working on xyr craft, xe freelances as an editor, tutor, and consultant. Raven earned a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Washington and is a member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association

Xyr most recent novel in the new adult Amakai series is Chains of Merzai, in which Eila Corbin, the Cause of It All, is imprisoned for her crimes and becomes pawn in the political schemes of the aelves around her. Perdition follows 76 year old Daisy from the moment she awakens from her grave a vampire. Raven has published three poetry collections: My Name Was Indigo, Journey Through the Hinterland, and Aranya: Lessons from the Heart of the Forest and has been featured in SEAF Literary Art collections, as well as King County Metro’s Poetry on the Buses.

Raven began writing stories at the age of five while bored in an airport terminal. Ever since, xe has worked at the craft. In the fifth grade, xe published xyr first poem; at twenty-two, xe published xyr first poetry collection. Former non-fiction work includes a sex advice column for Think Kink, content for Demand Studios, and a pagan parenting blog for Sage Woman.

Raven draws on xyr experiences as a disabled, queer person with keen interest in mythology, biology, and the human condition. Xyr stories takes cues from myth, magic, and the mundane, blending them well until a potion is cured. 

Raven and xyr partner live with their two youngest children, two cats, and a pair of demons in the shape of flop-eared rabbits. Xyr home lies in the woods and all attempts at gardening are undone each summer by slugs, deer, and blackberry vines. Raven enjoys performing, cooks a mean burger, and is obsessed with farming. 


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Publications are listed in chronological order. For a list by publication type, please visit the Works page. Click here for samples and excerpts.

The Corvid and the Calico, children’s fantasy, May 2022
Chains of Merzai, (Amakai, Book 3), with Robin Wood, May 2021
Seal Breaker, (Amakai, Book 2), with Robin Wood, May 2019
The Grasp of Time, (Amakai, Book 1), with Robin Wood, November 2017
Aranya, Collection, 2017
Perdition, (Daisy After Life, Book 1), March 2017
Yama on Ice,” Poetry on the Buses, August 2016
Hearth, Heart & Home, Sage Woman, 2013 – 2016
Journey Through the Hinterland, Collection, 2012
“Toads” Flavor Text, Winter in the Willows LARP, 2010
Livestrong, 2011
Supporting Your Local Sex Worker,” Triond, 2011
eHow, 2010 – 2011
“Grex’s Cat,” Kyle Cassidy’s 350 word short story contest, 2009
Willow and Birch, 2009 – Present
RestaurantsToGo, 2007 – 2008
“mountain,” Licton Springs Review, 2003
Think Kink, web comic, 2002 – 2004 & Ask Aunt Fanny, 2002 – 2004
My Name Was Indigo, Collection, 2002
“Dear Editor,” Under A Quicksilver Moon, 2002
“Can’t Think of Pink?,” The Nature’s Echoes, 2001
“Tiamat,” The Sound of Poetry, 2000
“Our-Glass,” The Clouds of Spring, 1998
“Magnetism,” Tattoo, 1995
“Empty Canvas,” Poetry Forum Journal, 1991
“White Flag,” Alliance Theatre of Atlanta, 1988

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classes & services

Raven J. Demers teaches Reading Selections, a three year literary analysis program, to homeschooled teens in the Greater Seattle Metro area. Students meet monthly from September through May, read a selection of poetry, essays, short stories, and transcribed speeches, and participate in group discussion and create projects based on readings. Recommended ages for the first year are 12 – 16. Classes are $25/month or $200/year. Sliding scale is offered for families in need.

Xe provides proofreading and editing services for flash fiction, short fiction, query letters, and essays under 10,000 words in length. Prices start at $15/project.

Raven is also available for private tutoring for creative writing students, and consultations for professionals requiring assistance navigating through a block. $25/hour; sliding scale or trades negotiable.

In-person classes and consultations are currently on hiatus due to the pandemic. Tutoring and consultations are still available via digital services such as Zoom, FaceTime, etc.