The Corvid and the Calico Turns One!

It’s been a year and a day since The Corvid and the Calico launched, which includes quick-witted familiars, a trans witch, and a handful of undead. (7+)

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I’m going to be moving, I still have a handful of hardcopies and paperback copies of The Corvid and the Calico I don’t want to pack. If you want a copy and are willing to pay postage, I’ll send you one. If you’re in a state that bans queer books for kids and wanna slip it into a school library, it’s free. Comment here or on Twitter, and I’ll contact you about sending you a misprint for the price of media mail.

Bubble and Cheddar

Thanks to my recurring eye issues, I completely missed the announcement for Bubble Literary Magazine’s release of its first issue!

I already adore this wonderful, weird new magazine and the stories within, and am delighted to share that “Cheddar” made the wonderful, weird cut and finally found a home.

Check out Bubble and the short fiction and poetry. The 2nd issue is on its way, which gives other writers a chance to polish their work before the subs open for issue 3 and readers to subscribe to share in the delight.

The Corvid and the Calico is Available Now!

The Corvid and the Calico cover. Art by Luis Silva.

After much anticipation (at least from my patrons), my first children’s book, The Corvid and the Calico is now available in multiple formats–including hardcover! While it’s currently available now at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and digital. I will soon have signed copies and .epub available on Etsy, and I’m in discussions with independent bookstores about carrying this title in their stores..

Two familiars discover their witch has been stolen from his bed. Nutmeg, a cantankerous cat, and Bristle, an excitable young raven, must learn to work together to travel far from home, thwart a mysterious enemy, and reunite their family.

A heartwarming tale about found family with illustrations by Luis Silva. Recommended for ages 7 and up. 

Read a sample page!