Raven J. Demers
Photo by Brande Damiana, 2016

Writer.  Anthropologist.  Mother.  All else is flesh and folly.

Raven J. Demers started writing stories at the age of five while bored in an airport terminal.  Ever since then, she has worked at wordsmithing in one form or another. In the fifth grade, she published her first poem, at twenty-two, she published her first book of poetry.  She has been an advice columnist for an online zine and a content writer for LiveStrong.  However, her current focus is on the work she began in that airport so long ago: storytelling.

Her stories range from the humblest lullaby for a toddling babe to the boundless exploration of the Cimmerian soul of humanity. Whether science fiction, horror, or fairy tale, she takes cues from myth, magic, and mundanity and blends well until a potion is cured.  Raven’s current projects include two children’s books, an uncommon vampire novel, and a collaborative series of science fiction novels.

Raven lives in a rural town outside of Seattle with her children, partner, and several large cats. She has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington, and has published two books of poetry, My Name Was Indigo and Journey Through the Hinterland, several individual poems, hundreds of advice articles.  Her debut novel, Perdition, launched in print in March 2017.  Her bedroom is primarily decorated by Children’s IKEA, which she swears is a testament to her maturity. She enjoys performing, cooks a mean burger, and is obsessed with farming, but has yet to adopt a goat.

Raven remains open to discussing potential and future collaborative projects, publishing contracts, and op-ed opportunities.