Raven J. Demers
Photo by Brande Damiana, 2016

Writer.  Anthropologist.  Mother.  All else is flesh and folly.

Raven J. Demers lives in a forest outside Seattle with xyr family. Xe is author of The Grasp of TimePerdition, and Cress and the Medicine Show. Xe earned a degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington, and is a member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association. Raven believes the answer to xyr farming obsession might be ducks.

Raven started writing stories at the age of five while bored in an airport terminal. Ever since, xe has worked at wordsmithing in one form or another. Voices of characters urge xyr to write their stories, often keeping xir up at night. In the fifth grade, xe published xyr first poem; at twenty-two, xe published her first book of poetry.  Xyr non-fiction work includes an advice column for ThinkKink, content for Demand Studios, and a blog for SageWoman.

Xyr stories range from the humblest lullaby for a toddling babe to the boundless exploration of the Cimmerian soul of humanity. Whether science-fiction, fantasy, or fable, xe takes cues from myth, magic, and the mundane, and blends well until a potion is cured.  Raven’s current projects include the continuation of xyr vampire series, Daisy After Life, and a collaborative epic, the Amakai series, with Robin Wood.

Raven’s bedroom is primarily decorated by Children’s IKEA, which xe swears is a testament to xyr maturity. Xe enjoys performing, cooks a mean burger, and is obsessed with farming, but has yet to adopt a goat.

Raven remains open to discussing potential and future collaborative projects, publishing contracts, and op-ed opportunities.