How can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is through the Contact Form on this site, or by emailing me directly at ravendemers@gmail.com.

How can I get a signed copy of one of your books?

Signed copies can be obtained at convention appearances or signings, or by special ordering a self-published work through Fumbling Finesse, a shop on Etsy.  The latter method may take up to 4 – 6 weeks for delivery based on publish on demand schedules.

Will you visit my city, state, or country?

My travel options are currently limited to local conventions and bookstores in western Washington.  For those interested in having me attend a convention as a guest, please send a query to discuss attendance.

Is Raven your real or birth name?

Yes, it’s both my real name and my birth name.  My mother chose my name, and it is on my birth certificate.

How do I pronounce your surname?

In English, it’s duh-MARES.  In French, it’s dew-MARE (de Mers).  I’m fine with either pronunciation, but typically use the English pronunciation since I was born and live in the U.S.

Why is this site called Satyr’s Garden?  Why a satyr?

I adored mythological stories from an early age, and now incorporate mythic concepts into my creations. Though I’m fond of the magical world of fairies and goblins, elves and orcs, mermaids and krakens, I feel most akin to the satyrs–creatures part tame, part wild.  Satyrs, whether goat- or horse-legged, enjoy music, dance, nature, and good company. They inspire others to join in the celebration of life, to create, feast, and run free. Despite a laid back demeanor, their passions are fierce, their friendships eternal, and their lust notorious.

What happened to the Epeolatry Contest?

Due to lack of general interest in 2015, I have retired the contest indefinitely.  The annual Epeolatry Contest, begun in 2011, as a way to inspire artists, and give back to those who inspire me.  Though I greatly enjoyed the submissions by many talented writers, both professionals and amateurs, and liked crafting handmade items as the prizes each year, in 2015, there were too few entries to continue into the future.  Thank you to those who participated in past years, each entry was a beautiful birthday present to me.