Happy New Year – What’s Coming

How I’m approaching 2018

Last year, I made a goal to publish four books that were ready, or nearly ready, for publication. I published five. Though 2017 was rough for the country as a whole, and many individuals in their daily lives, most of us managed to survive it.

2018 holds a host of questions, and a feeling of uncertainty for many people I know, but I find resilience in focusing my attention on what I can control (though I’m easily distracted).

This year, I intend to publish at least one novel–Seal Breaker–and complete the drafts of two more. There are also a handful of short stories languishing in my folders I intend to finish. I’m not yet sure of my timeline for the year, but I’m hoping to resume Flash Dash Fiction in November.

Add to this, I’ve hired three actors for a book trailer for The Grasp of Time, and will be holding a book reading and signing in the near future. Also, as an apology for a low posting rate on Patreon in December, all patrons who’ve pledged $1 or more can now read the raw drafts of the first three chapters of Purgatory, Daisy Margaret’s sequel. Those and several other rewards are available to those who subscribe.

There will be another announcement tomorrow, but for now, I wish each of you a happy new year. May it be better than the last, and offer you kindness, love, and the focus to see you through.


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