Cover of the Corvid and the Calico featuring a large calico cat facing forward and a small raven standing in profile behind him.
The Corvid and the Calico
Chains of Merzai cover features two female elves, one light-skinned and red haired elf lying in bed while a dark-skinned elf sits next to her casting a spell. Diaphanous curtains waft over a gray-blue background where a third elf's ice blue face looks over her shoulder at them
Chains of Merzai
Amakai 3
Seal Breaker cover features a male elf on his back supporting a female elf with his hands and feet in a companion yoga pose. A robed figure in white with striking blue eyes watches them. Swirls of red, orange, and turquoise swim in the air around them on an orange background.
Seal Breaker
Amakai 2
The Grasp of Time cover features two nearly identical women facing each other while a hooded figure watches behind them. Where they try to touch, light bursts. Art by KokoButtz
The Grasp of Time
Amakai 1
Cover of Aranya features a feminine dryad made of tangled tree branches looks to the right on an oatmeal colored background. The cover behind the image is dark green.
Aranya: Lessons from
the Heart of the Forest

Perdition cover features an elderly woman drawn in chalk on a black background. She placed a hand to her cheek and a red tear rolls down her cheek.
Daisy After Life 1
Cover of Journey Through the Hinterland shows the back of a person wearing a green hooded robe walking barefoot through a forest.
Journey Through
the Hinterland
A glowing white lotus graces an indigo background below the title: My Name Was Indigo
My Name Was Indigo 2002