Day 21: the Countdown to Zero

Today, I posted “Thief’s Code – Part I” to FlashDash, which means there are only nine stories left for me to write over the next nine days.  I have four of them started, including Part II of today’s story, I just need to find some quiet space to hear how they end or find the words to bring them to life.

This month, I’ve already hit all of my favorite genres: science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, and mythpunk.  I even wrote a little horror, though nothing as horrific as last year’s “Monsters,” which shook some of my closest friends.

When November is done, I’ll ask my readers which they enjoyed best.  The winning story will be made free for all to read.

Thanks to my patrons and friends for support as I work to complete this year’s challenge!


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