Flash Dash Challenge, Day 26

I’m rather in awe that I’ve made it this far through the challenge, and there are some decent stories I really want to work with more once this month is over.  At day 26, I have 26 new stories in my portfolio.

Though as I discovered in previous years, the later in the month it is, the longer the stories seem to get, until there’s not much “flash” left in my fiction.  After veering into the 1,000-1,500 word count range last week, I worked harder to retain brevity in “A Lesson,” the twenty-sixth story.  Even still, I kept writing beyond what was likely needed.

Short stories have always been a greater challenge for me, since I do a lot of world building within me before I even realize what I’ve done.  A decade ago, all of my short stories read like chapters in larger novels.  This challenge has given me the opportunity to practice telling stories in a shorter space.

I am, as ever, grateful to my patrons, friends, and family for supporting my November madness.  Four more stories left to go this month, and then I shall take a break for a few days and return to my planned projects.

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