Rumors of Merzai – Soft Launch

Today is the soft launch of Rumors of Merzai. I am still dealing with disagreements between my hardcover image and IngramSpark, so at this time, only paperback and digital forms are available.

Rumors of Merzai: The Erotic Companion to Chains of Merzai features a collection of sultry vignettes that take place between the events of Chains of Merzai. An assortment of short chapters filled with love, lust, and several flavors of debauchery grace its pages, and every encounter is queer. An ePub is already available on Patreon for those in the Speaker and Architect tiers. 18+ only. Currently available on Kindle, in paperback on Amazon, and for wholesale purchase at IngramSpark. Digital copies will be available within the next two weeks on other digital platforms, and gods willing, in hardcover, too.

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