Correction to Perdition

DjaRWc2U4AABaCALast night, thanks to a conversation on Twitter about favorite classical pieces, I discovered an error in Perdition that undid an entire page of the book.

You see, my favorite Chopin CD contains a misprint. While Marian Pivka plays Mazurka, Op.63 no.3, the CD liner states it’s no.1. The two pieces are noticeably different in character, and the choice in music not only matters to the description of the song, but also to Daisy’s personality, as well. Though seemingly a small mistake, forgetting to exchange a 3 for a 1 can prove disastrous both to this moment in the Queen’s cottage, but also to any mathematical equation.

Whether you’ve read Perditionor plan to, here is my sincerest apology for the mistake. May you enjoy hearing the proper piece that characterizes both scene and protagonist:

To hear the entire Perdition soundtrack while you read, visit my YouTube channel.

Soundtrack to Perdition

When writing a book, I often see scenes in the same way a film plays on a screen.  With that mental “film,” comes a soundtrack to inspire and drive the storytelling when I must translate images to words.

Here is the soundtrack behind Perdition, now available on Amazon in print and digital formats.  Read the first chapter here.


(Note: I do not own the rights to any of the music in the playlist above.  These were assembled from existing music on YouTube; all rights reserved by their original artists.)