Pre-Order Chains of Merzai

Pre-Order Chains of Merzai now!

Chains of Merzai launches on multiple platforms for ebook and print on May 11th, and you can pre-order it for Kindle today!

The world is in chaos, and Eila Corbin, Seal Breaker and The Cause of It All, awaits her death. From her prison in Merzai, her lovers Aeri and Wells bring fleeting comfort and news of the world beyond her chains—a world now reshaped by magic and the technology to combat it. Despite her terminal sentence, there are those in power working to keep her alive. As the first Amakai to appear after centuries, they seek to protect her—or use her—to serve their goals. Caught between court intrigues, inter-Realm gambits, and obsession, Eila escapes into the Dream for her nightly lessons with the black dragon she unwittingly freed. Chains of Merzai is the third book in the Amakai series.

Chains of Merzai Cover / Delay

Cover for Chains of Merzai by Raven J. Demers and Robin Wood. Image shows a redhaired light-skinned elf lying in a bed of furs, a dark-skinned elf with shoulder-length brown hair sits by her side, caressing the lighter elf's cheek. Curtains around the edges obscure the face of a slender elf with pale blue skin and hair.The color fades to gray outside of the range of the dark-skinned elf, as though the world is only illuminated because of her presence.

The Chains of Merzai cover is complete! This beautiful illustration is thanks to the skill and hard work of Bond Buwalada (@bondibee on Twitter).

That’s the good news. The bad news is, thanks to my recent eye injury and long healing time, revisions are on hold. My editor and I had completed the first third of the book, but until I can look at a screen for more than a few minutes at a time, I can’t work. The original launch date for Chains of Merzai was March 28th, but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to reach that goal at this time; I’ll post when I’m able to work again.

Thanks for your support and patience!

Seal Breaker Coloring Pages are Free for Everyone!

With the impending publication of the next book the Amakai series, Chains of Merzai, I’m releasing all ten of the coloring pages from Seal Breaker for anyone who wants a few extra coloring pages to brighten their winter.

Please enjoy, but remember, spoilers abound!

Find and print Seal Breaker coloring pages for your personal (not commercial) use.

Blessed Solstice! Merry Yule! Happy Holidays!