Seal Breaker Proofs Have Arrived!

59183171_10156239200728059_7281745943718789120_n.jpgThe proofs arrived for Seal Breaker today, and one of my two beta readers has already cracked the cover to start reading. This snap doesn’t do it justice, but the cover looks shiny and fantastic, and I’m even more impressed with the quality of Athena’s work.

Last night, Ellen the Editor sent me the last revisions for the epilogue, so while the readers do their work, I’ll be doing mine. I should be able to announce a launch date in short order, and might even be able to offer pre-order for the Kindle version!

I’m so grateful to my team, who’s worked hard to make this possible, and to my patrons, who support my ability to hire illustrators and an editor in the first place.

Seal Breaker Proofs on Order!

SealBreakerCover3dOnce the proofs are received, I’ll be ready to announce a launch date, which should be in mid-May! Thanks to changes to the way Amazon handles publishing, I should be able to offer pre-orders the day of the announcement.

This sequel to The Grasp of Time will include 10 coloring pages in the print form, and a total of 12 downloadable illustrations for all readers. We were blessed to work with three talented illustrators: @myrielathena provided the cover art, and SpaceAcne and Tru Scruggs did the line art for the coloring pages.

New Flash Fiction: Sacrifice

Forgive me, for I sometimes I neglect posting in this blog as often as I should. I post in Twitter and Patreon, and occasionally my Facebook page, but I am remiss in keeping every outlet as informed as another.

SealBreakerCover3d.pngThat being said, I have posted another flash fiction piece to my Patreon. “Sacrifice” and over 70 other short stories are available to patrons, starting at $1/month. Patrons can download a .pdf copy, or follow a link to a password-protected online version.

In other news, Seal Breaker, sequel to The Grasp of Timenears completion, and Robin and I are aiming for a May launch at this point; the beautiful cover illustration by Myriel Athena captures Wells beautifully. I have also been invited to read an excerpt from a short story published in the literary art collection for Seattle Erotic Arts Festival this year, on the evening of Saturday, April 27th, should you be attending.

To Spite the Flu

outdoorchallenge-architecture-bridge-959813My whole family spent the majority of January sick. First it was a cold left over from the holidays, and then we all contracted the flu. My youngest and I were hit hardest, delaying the filming of the next book trailer, and everything else along with it.

To spite the flu’s interruption in our lives, I’ve been staying on top of the edits for Seal Breaker (the sequel to The Grasp of Time and second book in the Amakai series) and paying illustrators for coloring pages and cover art for the same. The trailer’s filming is rescheduled for February, but sadly, this also pushes Seal Breaker‘s launch into March or even April.

Speaking of the cover art, @myrielparthenos sent over the sketch for the cover, and I’m absolutely floored. She’s managed to capture Wells and Kinnelith perfectly, and I’m exquisitely excited to share the final with you once it’s complete.

Tomorrow is Imbolc, the beginning of spring, and it’s the beginning of Black History Month 2019. Last year, I offered to put forth 100% of my profits from Cress and the Medicine Show sales during the month toward BLM, and this year, I’ll be rotating donations between NAACP, Alvin Ailey Dance, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and 100 Black Men of America. Not just for Black History Month, but every month of the year. Should I receive sales in 2019, I will post at the end of the year how the money was distributed. If you already own a copy of Cress, please consider donating directly to these non-profits to support justice and equality for black people in America.


Happy New Year!

2018-abstract-art-285173 (1).jpg

It’s been a bumpy year in our home, filled with both amazing accomplishments and heartbreaking experiences. Though I spent a few months there processing grief, I have since been working on the next projects in my queue.

Seal Breaker, the sequel to The Grasp of Time, launches in a couple of months. To celebrate its impending arrival, I shared the first three chapters to Patreon. All subscribers get access to that and a small treat tomorrow night for the New Year: the first two sections of a short story about a pair of unlikely witch’s familiars on a quest I’ve been working on because a dear friend requested someone write the story.

Ellen the Editor is hard at work finishing up the remaining chapters of Seal Breaker, and I’m looking forward to introducing you to THREE new illustrators on the Amakai Series team.

My other writing goals for 2019 include:

  • Completing two short stories
  • Heavily revising the third book in the Amakai series
  • Writing 30 new flash fiction pieces
  • Completing the first draft of Purgatory, the sequel to Perdition
  • Finally deciding on a title for the third book in the Amakai series!


Happy New Year and thank you for your support in 2018. May your 2019 bring you lasting success and joyous adventures.