Thoughts on WildFeather

My attempt at coloring one of Emily’s pages … with crayon.

When going through the final editorial pass before handing The Grasp of Time to our editor, I found myself brought to tears over WildFeather (a.k.a. Aeri). Not over some tragedy in her future, but of her in those early moments, when Eila meets her for the first time.

Since the whole series is mapped out to some extent (the first four books are in some stage of completion, and the last four have their basic structures in place), I know far more about her than I did when we first played out those introductory scenes. Seeing the whole situation from Aeri’s point of view in those moments broke my heart because her words carry so much more weight now than they did when we’d only begun to meet these characters ourselves.

She’s one of my favorites in this series. Always will be. And if you’ve read The Grasp of Time already and loved her, then I have good news. You’ll see her again in Seal Breaker, and several of the other books in the series.


Excerpt: Page 78, The Grasp of Time

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