Want a SIGNED copy of Perdition?

IMG_5965Signed copies of my books in print are now available at my (poorly designed, I mean, really, what was I thinking with that logo, white-on-yellow?) Etsy store: Fumbling Finesse.

While there’s no Amazon Prime, you will get a signed copy of any of four of my books at the same list price as Amazon, plus they’ll have a custom message for you and a bookmark to keep your place. That’s my actual hand and pen in that picture. Don’t you wish that could be your copy of Perdition? 

The shop also includes Cress and the Medicine ShowAranya, and Journey Through the Hinterland. I have limited copies on hand.

If you’re not local or couldn’t make it to my last book signing, you can still get your books signed! I know you’re as excited as I am.

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