Preparing Aranya

Last night, I stayed up later than I intended to, because I had to get the formatting arranged on the Aranya manuscript. First, I had to decide on a size. Like Cress and the Medicine Show, this book will be 5.25″ x 8″, which is smaller than my two previous poetry collections.

Then much of it was old hat. Setting the sections, deciding on the layout for the page numbers, including the copyright page, dedication, introduction, etc. There’s still text to lay out in the notes, but that will come once I’ve finished up the coloring pages to add.

In the light of day, it seems odd I went for a smaller sized book, especially with coloring pages, but I held copies of my other books in my hands, and realized it really didn’t need to be 6″ x 9″.

Now, here’s where YOU get to offer feedback. I’ll be including public domain images, as well as hand drawn sketches of my own related to the theme of trees and forests. The hand drawn ones will be a combination of original images and sketches based on ancient sculptures and artifacts of or related to trees.

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