Norwescon Schedule

Earlier this week, I received my schedule for Norwescon 40.  If you’re not familiar, Norwescon is the largest science-fiction and fantasy convention in the PNW.  I’ve been a frequent attendee since I was 16, and though I’ve been an assistant to friends on their panels in the past, this will be my first year as a panelist.  I am excited and nervous (“nervcited,” my daughter’s word), and I’ll have the privilege of being among some amazingly talented and skilled writers, musicians, and artists, including some whose work has inspired my own.

The full list of panels can be found on the appearances page, and include a reading an excerpt of my upcoming novel, Perdition, working with adolescents in a one hour literary analysis workshop based on the classes I teach, and spending time with the youngest fans doing crafts and reading  books.


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