Seal Breaker
Amakai, Book 1

Seal Breaker Cover - 6x9 - small.jpgEila Corbin returns to her own time and must find a magical oasis in the Drought or perish. She is brought into the hidden realms of the Forgotten, while continuing the illusion of an ordinary, human life—a life threatened by her prevailing obsession with recently-discovered artifacts that possess the power to shatter the world.

Continue the saga of the Amakai in this new adult sequel to The Grasp of Time. Includes ten new coloring pages from two talented illustrators.

Published May 18th, 2019. Available for purchase in print, and for Kindle and Nook.

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Progression Zero | Page 69 | Page 99

The Grasp of Time
Amakai, Book 1

TGoT-Cover-6x9.jpgEila Corbin, a modern-day university student, is pulled into a fantastical future where magic and technology are at odds, and mythical beings live among the mundane. While Eila avoids the deadly hands that brought her through time, she finds help from a dwarf, a dragon, and a love that cannot return with her.

The Grasp of Time is the first volume in the new-adult, slipstream collaborative series, Amakai, by Raven J. Demers and Robin Wood. This series contains coloring pages by Emily P. Fuller, and invites readers to interact with the story. Published November 18th, 2017, it is available for purchase in print, and for Kindle and Nook.

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Progression Zero | Page 69 | Page 99

Daisy After Life, Book 1

perdition-cover-hardlightWhen Daisy Margaret Shaw died at 76, she didn’t expect to wake again, forsaken by God, with a deep hunger and a new set of fangs. Now Daisy must discover who’s stalking her, navigate the nocturnal society of Atlanta, and make a choice regarding a little girl’s fate.

Perdition, published March 2017, is not your average vampire novel, and no one sparkles except the Queen. Available in print, and on Kindle and Nook.

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