Cool boiling spray
Hot breast heaving
Crush death hair
Frantic forest flood
Thousands produce languid shadows
She’s in his bed and your TV
Weak moan will
Wanting winter
Beneath the sordid pictures
With me
And her friend
I want to lick him under chocolate
And blood smeared
Behind blue chats of “Do Not Stop!”
Chains of bitter recall

Please scream

Above the bare luscious men
Worship the goddess
Void of shadow
These urges spring
In smooth delicate visions
Manipulate the gift of love
Whisper on white skin
Will you let my lust go?
Over a mad honey rain
And sweet mist
Singing lies to a dream
Moon garden milk petals
Summer must never be repulsive
Wind blowing through our heads;
We think beauty is
A woman in love.
Take me and I am drunk
like a lake of purple,
Lather the moment–
Lazy music symphony
Drive a delirious knife
To rust.
Eat my motherly peaches
Gone is their storm for gorgeousness
Dress fast in wax,
Sleep in sunshine
Watch a red rose see the light from pink
Some true ache
Smell like sweaty pwoer
Enormous is the sea;
An elaborate road and sky,
A place essential to my life.
Ask after I cry,
Why most rob you of meat
And who is soaring.
May none read what I said:
Together you leave me.