Journey Through the Hinterland

Cover of Journey Through the Hinterland shows the back of a person wearing a green hooded robe walking barefoot through a forest.



Poems of discovery, loss, and the long sojourn home. Do you believe magic can be discovered under every leaf? Have you experienced trauma or tragedy, yet learned to laugh in spite of it? Do you see beauty in the simplest expressions of nature? Share a walk with a woman as she journeys through the hinterland of a life filled with the nuances of self discovery, stories told to her in the haze of dreams, the trials of parenthood, the acute pain of loss, and the joys of unexpected treasures.  This collection of poetry straddles the space between what is known to be real and what can only be seen from the corner of the eye or at the edge of sleep.  Won’t you take a walk?

Samples: Belly-Soul; There Will Be No Earthquakes

Available in multiple formats

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