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“Just recently I was asked about the literary influences on the music I make.

Attempting a (very self conscious reply) I name-checked the writers most obvious in my recent work and some of the well known authors I go to as a default.

But there are others.  Those so obvious one almost forgets; the continual, the constants.

Like iron in the blood, these are the ghost muses haunting the labyrinths of your creative DNA.

One such is Raven Demers, for every nod I make to M. John Harrison and his pastel cities and chitinous churches, there are the fragmentary pieces of her works in progress that I was privileged to read back in my journal blogging daze.

For every restructuring I make, for each attempt to weave a new form of instrumental narrative, there is the humanity and expressiveness of her poems.

And there is her empathy with and respect for her audience – a reminder to me not lose that connection, no taking for granted, soft soaping or bullshit. (This is true of Raven whether she is spinning a yarn for children or a doing a sly Salomeic word-dance for adults).

And there is her discipline, for this is one author who has worked her fingers to the bone writing, drafting, editing, redrafting, selecting and rejecting, honing her craft day by day.

It is a labour I can only hope to emulate.

Also, and unlike my music alas, there is a lot more sex.

Writing about that is one of the hardest gigs I can think of.  She makes it look easy.

And I haven’t even mentioned her illustrations.

Sheesh! this woman …

Do yourself a favour – go check her website (newly remade and super shiny) and her works. Indulge. You won’t regret it.”

–Nicholas Vayle, Poet and Musician

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