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Archive of Hearth, Heart & Home

For three and a half years, I maintained a blog called Hearth, Heart & Home for SageWoman magazine. While the blog is gone, the entries are archived on their site (just rather difficult to find). Here are the current links, should you wish to read them.

Hearth, Heart & Home was a pagan parenting blog.


Her Own Path
Honoring Our Ancestors
End-of-Harvest Cleaning


Establishing Traditions in a Changed Family
Coloring Books: A Meditation
Welcoming Spring
Child Friendly Beltane
Manifestation Through Blended Traditions
Making Time for the Sacred
Back to Basics
Worshiping Water Without Waste
Finding Community in Mixed Company
Six Family Activities for Samhain


In Shadows
Changes Surrounding the Vernal Equinox
The Search for Community
The Waiting is Hard
Rule #1
Finding Meaning
Momentary Silence
Harvesting the Intangible
Lessons of Life and Death
Music of the Longest Night


Cycles of Renewal
Answering the Call
Teaching Hard Lessons
Washing the Greenman
Using the Craft on Behalf of Children
Farewell to Jane
A Prayer to Tiamat
Witches in Film for Small Children
The End and the Beginning

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