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Cress and the Medicine Show, 2017

Cress and the Medicine Show
Cress and the Medicine Show

“It’s gotta be now, little Sally,” Pleasant said, his large hands pushing her adamantly toward the bushes. Seeking to escape slavery and reach the free North, a young woman in the antebellum South stumbles through the wilds of South Carolina. When she comes to a hidden lake, she encounters a trio traveling in a medicine show caravan, but these three are more than they seem. Join Cress on her adventure with Hash the Snake, Adam the three-legged Rabbit, and Aunt Nancy the Spider. They have more than a few tricks between them.

“Toads” Flavor Text, Winter in the Willows LARP, 2010

“Grex’s Cat,” Kyle Cassidy’s 350 word short story contest, 2009

Think Kink, web comic, 2002 – 2004