Seal Breaker

Seal Breaker cover features a male elf on his back supporting a female elf with his hands and feet in a companion yoga pose. A robed figure in white with striking blue eyes watches them. Swirls of red, orange, and turquoise swim in the air around them on an orange background.


Fantasy & Science Fiction

Eila Corbin returns to her own time and must find a magical oasis in the Drought or perish. She is brought into the hidden realms of the Forgotten, while continuing the illusion of an ordinary, human life—a life threatened by her prevailing obsession with recently-discovered artifacts that possess the power to shatter the world.Continue the saga of the Amakai in this new adult sequel to The Grasp of Time. Includes ten new coloring pages from two talented illustrators.

Co-Author: Robin Wood

Amakai, Book 2

Progression Zero | Page 69 | Page 99

Available in multiple formats

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