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Aranya: Lessons from the Heart of the Forest, CreateSpace, 2017. (Updated cover, 2019)
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Aranya, the third collection of poetry by Raven J. Demers, takes you on a journey through the forests of the world to speak with a multitude of trees and learn the lessons they offer. This evocative volume of work also includes three short stories and over forty coloring pages from or inspired by classic and ancient works. The pieces within this collection celebrate renewal and honor heartbreak. They sift through the soil to where the secrets are buried, and lift readers higher through “the crescendo and the afterglow.”


Journey Through the Hinterland
Journey Through the Hinterland

Journey Through the Hinterland, Willow and Birch, 2013.
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Do you believe magic can be discovered under every leaf? Have you experienced trauma or tragedy, yet learned to laugh in spite of it? Do you see beauty in the simplest expressions of nature?

Share a walk with a woman as she journeys through the hinterland of a life filled with the nuances of self discovery, stories told to her in the haze of dreams, the trials of parenthood, the acute pain of loss, and the joys of unexpected treasures. This collection of poetry straddles the space between what is known to be real and what can only be seen from the corner of the eye or at the edge of sleep. Won’t you take a walk?


My Name was Indigo

My Name Was Indigo, Writer’s Press, 2002.


A prismatic and harmonious exploration through poetry into the depths of a woman’s life journey. The poetry is presented as one continuous wave of emotions expressed in four moods: Sensuality, Whimsy, Pain, and Spirituality. More than seventy poems, most never before published, are collected here in a flowing style, and wind the reader down a path of growth, learning, and inspiration.



Yama on Ice, Poetry on the Buses, 2014
mountain, Licton Springs Review, 2003
Dear Editor, Under A Quicksilver Moon, 2002
Can’t Think of Pink?, The Nature’s Echoes, 2001
Tiamat, The Sound of Poetry, 2000
Our-Glass, The Clouds of Spring, 1998
Magnetism, Tattoo, 1995
Empty Canvas, Poetry Forum Journal, 1991
White Flag, Alliance Theatre of Atlanta, 1988