Willow and Birch is the secular homeschooling experiment conducted in Raven’s home and with her best friend’s children as well. While she desired to start homeschooling her daughter from the beginning, it wasn’t until her daughter’s fourth grade year that had the opportunity.  Bumpy though the first years were, they found their rhythm and now see promising and lasting results.  With a new son to add, the opportunities for dynamic, mutual learning continue to grow.



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Recommended books for educators and parent educators
Baby and Toddler Books
What your middle and high schoolers should be reading, part i
What your middle and high schoolers should be reading, part ii
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Groups and Organizations

EastsideUnschoolers Yahoo! Newsgroup (for people living east of Seattle)
Washington Homeschool Organization answers your questions about homeschooling in the state of Washington
Seattle Homeschool Group


John Taylor Gatto
Sugata Mitra, creator of Hole in the Wall and the Granny Cloud

Blogs and Materials

The Well-Trained Mind
Peaceful Parenting
Guerilla Homeschooling
Magical Childhood
Khan Academy
Crash Course
A Kid’s First Book About Sex by Joani Blank (Out of Print). Teach young children about their bodies. Available for FREE download.