Epeolatry 2011


2011: On the Chopping Block

[The following was originally posted on LiveJournal. Yes, I’m an anachronism.]

Writers! Write a short story (600 words max.) using at least THREE of these words slated for deletion from Collins dictionary* by 5:47a.m., September 16th.

Bonus points for stories containing steampunk, sci-fi, and/or erotic themes because I’m a sucker for such stories.

I’ll post the top three with proper attribution and linkage by Mabon, and winners will each get a handmade gift from me. ♥

Feel free to post your submission as a comment below, or if you want to remain a nony mouse, send it via pm or email with a pseudonym you’d like to have me use instead.

In case you have trouble with the link, these are the words to consider for your writing:

  • Aerodrome
  • Alienism
  • Bever
  • Brabble
  • Charabanc
  • Deliciate*
  • Frigorific
  • Supererogate
  • Younker

*I’m a satyr; I love this word.


Untitled” by Damashita [Please note: this story is erotic in nature]. Prize: hair fascinator.

Temptrest” by Wytchcroft. Prize: purple hand knit scarf with knitted silver rose.

Honorable Mention: Betsy Bogert, who spent her time editing my work for Mutation Nation, due October 1st, instead of writing her own story. Prize: amethyst necklace.