Chains of Merzai Cover / Delay

Cover for Chains of Merzai by Raven J. Demers and Robin Wood. Image shows a redhaired light-skinned elf lying in a bed of furs, a dark-skinned elf with shoulder-length brown hair sits by her side, caressing the lighter elf's cheek. Curtains around the edges obscure the face of a slender elf with pale blue skin and hair.

The color fades to gray outside of the range of the dark-skinned elf, as though the world is only illuminated because of her presence.

The Chains of Merzai cover is complete! This beautiful illustration is thanks to the skill and hard work of Bond Buwalada (@bondibee on Twitter).

That’s the good news. The bad news is, thanks to my recent eye injury and long healing time, revisions are on hold. My editor and I had completed the first third of the book, but until I can look at a screen for more than a few minutes at a time, I can’t work. The original launch date for Chains of Merzai was March 28th, but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to reach that goal at this time; I’ll post when I’m able to work again.

Thanks for your support and patience!

Seal Breaker Coloring Pages are Free for Everyone!

With the impending publication of the next book the Amakai series, Chains of Merzai, I’m releasing all ten of the coloring pages from Seal Breaker for anyone who wants a few extra coloring pages to brighten their winter.

Please enjoy, but remember, spoilers abound!

Find and print Seal Breaker coloring pages for your personal (not commercial) use.

Blessed Solstice! Merry Yule! Happy Holidays!

2020 Holiday & Pandemic Book Reminder

There’s still time to order books for the holidays or to distract you from the existential dread of a quarantined winter!

Support a local bookstore by ordering from Bookshop.

Support Amazon’s competitor, Barnes & Noble.

Buy digital directly from the author on Etsy.

Get an inside look at upcoming and unpublished stories on Patreon.

Or, you know, Amazon.

Working on Better

There’s a novelette I self-published a few years ago. I’ve wrestled with the choices I made, and recent discussions on Twitter have finally settled it for me: it wasn’t my story to tell. Though the story was based on a dream I had about certain gods, writing from the POV of an enslaved girl was never my story to tell.

For a while, I convinced myself that donating 100% of sales to related non-profits was enough, but it was my ego and pride speaking and not true to the person I want to be.

Not every story needs an audience.

I’m pulling the book from publication today.

I apologize to everyone who was offended or made uncomfortable by the story’s existence, even if you never voiced it.

Re-Emerging without Leaving Home

Two weeks have passed since my surgery and I’ve returned to my work. My new microphone still isn’t recognized by my computer making recording audio books temporarily impossible, so instead, I wrote a new story for my supporters on Patreon. I have also lowered the prices for all digital copies of my novels: Perdition, The Grasp of Time, and Seal Breaker.

And for anyone in need of proofreading and editing a short story (up to 10,000 words), you can hire me on Fiverr or directly by following the instructions at Satyr’s Garden.

As a reminder, if you love to color, The Grasp of Time coloring pages are free to download for personal use (please no commercial use).

During this time of uncertainty, fear, and tragedy, I wish for each of you solace, distraction, and comfort in whatever small ways or places you are able to find it. For me, art is one, both in its creation and appreciation. What is helping you get through each day?