Flash Dash Challenge, Week 1

Technically, I’m only four days into Flash Dash Challenge 2016, wherein I write a new flash fiction piece every day for a month.  Patrons on Patreon gain access to all content past and present for a monthly subscription.

Thus far, I’ve written four pieces for the first four days.  If you’re wondering what type of stories you can expect to find, they run the gamut from space opera to high fantasy to horror and all the little funny bits — that’s funny strange, not funny ha-ha — in the dark crevices between.  There are a few free samples available from years past you can check out, or you can drop a $1 in my Patreon tip jar and get the passwords for all of the stories.

Also, with no help on the first, and nominal help for the second, I’ve made two videos promoting my work despite a strong aversion to being on video.  I’m ok with still photography, but I’ve choked so many times in the past on video, I’m rather awed by my dissociative success with these two amateur attempts.

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